Janahan and Jannie’s Gorilla Cart Stories

Janahan Rajaratnam runs a small digital agency in Bloomington, Minnesota. He loves digital projects, following tech startups, and hanging out with friends. He recently used a Gorilla Carts® Cart to haul a mass of mulch from his friend’s front yard down a hill to the back yard.

Beer Columnist And Aspiring Brewer Shares Love For Foraging And Fermentation

Amber Degrace lives on two acres of partially wooded land in York County, PA with her husband, 10-year-old son, and eight-year-old daughter. She’s held numerous types of jobs during her career, including managing a coffee shop, working for a snorkel boat company, cleaning houses, and freelance writing.“I started writing years ago as an unpaid blogger on Huffington Post,” she explains.

Yard Projects Made Easier By Helpful Gorilla Carts® Cart Features

Every yard tool in your arsenal is there to make the projects you tackle easier. Helpful Gorilla Carts® Cart features like the quick-release dump and easy-pivot design give you the benefits of versatility and dexterity so that you don’t have to strain and struggle during your favorite outdoor activities. Great design is what makes a tool truly valuable to its user.

Building Healthy Communities With Growing Together Gardens in Fargo, ND

In 2006, Jack Wood and Nola Storm founded Growing Together in Fargo, North Dakota. “Our vision originally was to help new Americans adjust to life in Fargo by bringing them together to work in the garden with longtime residents to form the bond of neighbors,” says Jack. The founders developed a Growing Together Tool Kit that has helped numerous communities in the area start gardens.

Three Gorilla Cart Enthusiasts Share Their Product Testimonies

“My wife and I bought our first home here in 2012 with the idea that it could be a forever home if we throw some projects at it,” says Cory McConnell. Cory works as a project manager and consultant, so he naturally has a bent towards strategic, cost-effective solutions. He enjoys the concreteness that working with your hands provides compared to advising companies about collaboration and communication for problem-solving.

Denton Gerow Shares His DIY Woodworking Projects

Denton Gerow lives in King, NC where he spends his free time pursuing creative expression through woodworking. The woodworking gene runs through his family. “A lot of what I know I learned from my father and my [grandfather],” says Denton. His grandfather was a carpenter who was a part of the Seabees (construction battalions) of WWII.

Charles Davis’ Yard Cleanup Project Improves His 6.5 Acre Texas Property

Oftentimes, our yard projects or gardens have greater meaning to us than just the work itself. We may be trying to improve the worth of our homes, reap the health benefits of working outside with our hands, or create something special for someone else to enjoy. Whatever it is, we’ll always know the deeper meaning behind our work that a passerby might miss.

pile of leaves

Lindsay Fishburn Shares Her Passion For Gardening

Lindsay Fishburn has a passion for gardening rooted in the legacy of planting and caring for the earth that her parents handed down to her. “I’ve been gardening as long as I can remember. Whether container gardening from an apartment balcony or suburban backyard gardening, it’s been a passion for many years,” she says.

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