Garden Hose FAQ

Questions about your Garden Hose?

Yes, it is possible to connect two hoses to each other. To do this, you will need to purchase a simple fitting with two male ends. Remember that increasing the length can reduce the water flow rate, even if only slightly.



The hose can be connected to a delivery pump, not to a suction pump, with a maximum operating pressure of 120psi.

The hose can be used with a hobby high-pressure cleaner as tap connection. The maximum flow rate is 2400 l/h; we advise you to verify the characteristics of your high-pressure cleaner.

The hose was developed and tested to work even if it is left in areas subject to high temperatures up to +176°F/80°C. Although high temperatures may alter the hose’s appearance, they will not jeopardize its efficient operation.

Prolonged exposure to sunlight, as well as sudden temperature variations, reduce the product’s service life.

We therefore advise you to store your hose away after use out of direct sunlight and protected against temperatures hotter than 176°F/80°C or below -40°F/-40°C.

The tests carried out on our hoses at low temperatures failed to reveal any critical effects on the product’s performance. We advise you to empty the product after use in order to prevent the water inside it from freezing and to store it indoors in winter.

At this time, we do not sell replacement couplings.

Disconnect the hose from the spigot and remove any nozzles. Lift the hose to encourage water to flow out; if the hose is on a reel, begin winding the hose to encourage the water to drain.

First, remove the hose from the packaging and fasten the female end to the faucet. Then, attach a nozzle and stretch the hose to its full length. Turn on the water to pressurize the hose, this will remove any folds or creases that may have developed during shipping.

To avoid any kind of corrosion causing fusion between the faucet and the hose coupling, we suggest disconnecting and reconnecting the hose from any metal spigot a minimum of 3 times per year.

The ToughLite hose is compatible with any hose reel. The ExtremeLite and Marine/RV hoses can be used with any non-automatic hose reel.

The Gorilla™ hose couplings are anodized aluminum. Aluminum fittings may fuse to brass fittings on any hose reel and cause irreparable damage. Fully insulating the brass from the aluminum threads will prevent them from fusing together due to galvanic corrosion. Teflon tape or an adapter may be used to insulate the connection. To purchase a brass-to-aluminum adapter, please visit for a brass-to-aluminum 12” hose adapter accessory (GR-ADPT).

Gorilla™ Hoses can be found at The Home Depot stores or online at

There is no need to register for the limited lifetime warranty. To submit a claim, please use the warranty form.

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