Gorilla HOSE REELS Lifetime Warranty

Exemptions: Warranty does not cover leading due to damage caused by the use of acid, harsh chemicals or mineral deposits. Warranty does not cover damage due to galvanic corrosion resulting from the use of aluminum hose fittings coupled to the brass fittings on the reel.

Warranty does not apply when products are used in excess of normal use and service, or in excess of their rated capacities and design functions, or under abnormal conditions. The effects of oxidation, galvanic corrosion, and normal wear and tear, are specifically excluded from this warranty. The fading or discoloration of products from the sun’s UV rays are specifically excluded from this warranty.

Galvanic Corrosion (also called ‘dissimilar metal corrosion’) refers to corrosion damage induced when two dissimilar materials are coupled in a corrosive electrolyte under water. Aluminum Oxide is a chemical compound of aluminum and oxygen. It is responsible for the resistance of metallic aluminum to weathering.

Metallic aluminum is very reactive with atmospheric oxygen, and a thin passivation (white) layer of aluminum oxide forms on any exposed aluminum surface. This layer protects the metal from further oxidation.

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